Singer, composer, actress and model.

Petya Pavlova

She is one of these performers who always comes into notice. Her face is on many magazine covers which makes them best sold.

Petya Pavlova has started her music career in the beginning of 90s. In 1994 she has signed her first agreement with the biggest on that time Bulgarian sound-record company - Union Records. After issuing of two albums she became the first Bulgarian pop singer who has obtained international popularity too.

In 1997 Patya went to London where she has been studying for the composer, producer and music affairs. Later all of these she started applying in practice. Petya has hired as a composer and song writer in 2002. In the end of that year she was invited to take part in Capital Radio Live Show where she has been singing at almost 15 000 of audience.
Petya Pavlova has had many other appearances including the stage of London Arena and a series of European music clubs. It was 2004 when she came back home and established her own music company - Max Music.

Excepting the music Petya is famous as an actress and model. In 1997 she became the advertising face of Pepe Jeans London for Bulgaria. In 2004 she has performed some characters in TV series, movies and advertising videos. Among them are the BBC drama \\"Spooks\\", a film of Ali G and some videos for Clarks, British Gas and Smirnoff advertisements.

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