Nevena Jeleva

Nevena grew up in Sofia in the family of architects, and her godmother is the great Bulgarian actress Nevena Kokanova that encourages her creative appearances. Instead of the scene, however, Nevena decided to develop his artistic talents in another career and the profession -hairdresser.

She worked as an assistant to some of the biggest names in the industry in the 90s - Todor Toshev, Veni Ignatova Nedialko Nedialkov. Her desire to give the best of herself and to seek new challenges met her with musicians like Vladi Ampov - Count Akaga, D2, and more. It totally changed the image of Stoyan Mihalev as clipped his long hair. It was behind a shaved head the Count in the video for the song "Head."

Among her clients is actor Stefan Danailov. He tries to dissuade her from her urge to become an actress like and then broke the passing NAFTA and advised her to continue to develop their profession.

After the competition Nevena becomes part Bulgarian national team in hairdressing, enabling it to meet the likes of Louis Longeras and Vidal Sassoon, but with some world professionals like Sonya and Christopher Dove created friendships that continue to this day. Only 19 years Nevena opened her own salon in Sofia and not long after its customers are Nikki Kynchev, Juliana Dontcheva, Donny and others.

At a time in which it seems her professional career in Bulgaria goes to success, she decided to seek new horizons for themselves and looks at the United States.

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