TV Guide in BTV

Natalia Simeonova

Natalia is graduated journalist. She had been working in Bulgarian National TV as a guide of teen show \\"Formula 5\\" later as author and a guide of the music show \\"Rokoko\\". She also tried to be a reporter and a news guide in Nova TV channel as well as editor of the political broadcast \\"Posoki\\". But in the end she realized that she is not able to escape herself.

... and that\\'s her now! a guide of one of the most popular bTV shows \\"Sea of love\\". Natalia is not only a guide of the show. She also takes part in story selection and preparing the screenplay.
In fact Natalia is the main character in the sea of love no matter she likes to say that she is only a mail box for love stories all over the country.
Sea of love has started on May 2002.

Natalia was born under the sign of Aquarius. She is wive of the famous Bulgarian rock-singer Denis from Ahat and also a proud mother of a daughter.

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