Professor Lubomir Stoykov, Ph.D. (fashion journalist)

Lubomir Stoykov

Lubomir Stoykov was born on May 11, 1954 in the town of Stara Zagora. He has graduated journalism at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". He is married to Vessela and has a son called Kalin.

He has a Ph.D. in Philology. He is a Professor in journalism and corporate culture and teaches in the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and in the department of Management of Social and Cultural Activities at the University of National and World Economy. He lectures in the departments of Fashion Design and Music and Scenic Arts at the New Bulgarian University, as well. He also teaches culture in the mass media, business communications, corporate culture and advertisement strategies, culture and fashion.

Lubomir Stoykov is an expert in cultural studies and aesthetics, a fashion critic and TV journalist. He is author and host of the weekly fashion show of New Television "Ot igla do konetz" ("From needle to thread"). He is deputy-chairman of the Bulgarian Academy for Fashion and chairman of its artistic board. He is member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Lubomir Stoykov is author of the books: "The Charming Dictator. Fashion Kaleidoscope" (1982), "The Beauty of Communication" (1984), "The Man from Outside and Inside" (1990), "Fashion: from Nefertiti to Top Models" (1994), "Bulgarian Advertising" (in co-authorship with Georgi Grozdev) - 1995, "Corporate Culture and Communication" (1995),"Kalinography" (1998),"The Bulgarian Fashion 2000 Almanac" (1999) and others.

He is script writer and host of the television profiles "Alexander McQueen", "Gianfranco Ferre", "John Galliano", "Daniel Hechter", "Emanuel Ungaro", "Hubert de Givenchy", "Issei Miyake", "Carmen Carven", "Kenzo", "Christian Lacroix", "Lloyd Klein", "Michiko Koshino", "Nino Cerruti", "Olivier Lapidus", "Paco Rabanne", "Pierre Cardin", "Hanae Morri", "Zhana Zhekova", "Maria Nedkova","Nathaly Genova","Zapryan Marinov" and others.

Author and producer of the sequences "The Exhilaration of Liberty" (Cape Town, 1995), "Pret-a-porter Paris" (Paris, 1995), "British Fashion '96" (London, 1996) and "British Fashion '97" (London, 1997), "Inner Vision" (Toronto, 1996), "Decadence" (London, 1997), "American Style '98" (New York, 1998), the two-episode film "Betty Barclay" (Heidelberg, 1998) and others (cameraman Svetoslav Mechkouevski), broadcast within the show "Ot igla do konetz" hosted by Lubomir Stoykov on New Television.

Awards: for publicism - of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (1987); for best fashion journalist - of the "Bulgarian Fashion" Forum (1996); for publicist skills - of the Free Academy "Julius Pascin" (1997);for special contribution to the bulgarian fashion - of the "Bulgarian Fashion" Forum (1999).

He is also winner of the prizes for fashion television journalism of British Airways (1996) and Lauda Air (1997), bestowed respectively by their offices in Sofia.

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