The first lady of Bulgarian pop music

Lili Ivanova

She was born in town of Kubrat. In 1959 she has graduated a secondary school of medicine in town of Varna.

In 1961 Lili took part in a singers casting held by the Sofia Concert department. Her first hit song \\"Saturday night\\" was released in 1963. Same year was issued her first album in Romania which turned to be the first one issued by a Bulgarian singer in foreign country.
In 1966 Lili won her first big award \\"Golden key\\" in Bratislava. For the next ten years she has been winning above 10 international prizes all over the world.

The generally shared views about Lili usually go to the both extremes - her fans adore Lili and the tireless paparazzi compete each others in gossips and unraveling her private life. That\\'s Lili - queer! And more of this... she is exciting, graceful, bold, elegant, full of emotions, energy and optimism, fascinating, mysterious, lively, elegant, surprising, magnetic, modern, independent, charming, provocative, decisive, confident, sensual... the true personification of femininity.

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