Pop-folk singer


Alicia was born on March 1, 1983 in Ihtiman. She has two twin brothers.She graduated the Spanish Language School in Sofia and Sofia University.

She has a son from the football player Valeri Bojinov - Valeri Jr., born on 12.09.2007 From the beginning of 2011 she has a relationship with our national team's football team, and the Dutch "Twente" - Nikolay Mihaylov.

Alicia is a performer of the music company "Ara Music." Her repertoire includes more than 300 songs - pop-folk, pop and folk music. She sings in Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek and English languages ​​in different styles, which makes her a preferred contractor for various events. Alicia is one of the first singers in Bulgaria to form personal ballet, which is an integral part of all her stage performances. With this initiative, she provides the audience an interesting show. In England, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Albania and Croatia she has performed mainly to the Bulgarian audience.

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